FAAN Pensioners: Nationwide protest looms over continued delay of CoS implementation


…..as pensioners urge FAAN MD to exercise his power as Managing Director

Pensioners of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria FAAN, are unhappy with the Management for refusing to implement the committee’s report it constituted to look into their conditions of Service, CoS.

They also frowned on the move by the Management to involve the Ministry when it was within their powers to handle the matter.

To this end, the pensioners under the aegis of the National Union of Pensioners, NUP, have given the FAAN Management till 4th of May, 2021 to resolve the matter or face a nationwide protest by it members in all the 22 airports.
The NUP members took this decision at the end of a rally held in Lagos.

The National Secretary of NUP FAAN branch Comrade Emeka Njoku accused the Management of bluntly refusing to implement the recommended CoS as agreed by the committee set up over disparity in salaries. 
“Since that report the management has not implemented the agreement, they have been twisting the agreement saying the minister, the minister and we wrote to the ministry and they said this issue of CoS since others above levels 15 are enjoying it other people should enjoy it, they should pay and that it was not in their purview again”.

The NUP scribe noted that the committee ended its sitting and submitted its recommendations before the COVID-19 Pandemic but till date they had failed to implement it.

He noted that while FAAN pensioners were seeking 18% as agreed with FAAN Management, the federal government awarded 33 percent to federal pensioners.

Comrade Njoku noted since the CoS was implemented in 2019, FAAN would be owing them in arrears, stressing that all members of NUP nationwide would as from May 4th, 2021 be mobilised for protests in airports across the country.

He explained that the Act establishing FAAN gave the Managing Director all the powers to manage the affairs of the organisation.

“If you look at the Act establishing FAAN, it gives the MD all the power to manage this place since there is no board, he has the power to manage the place, all he has to do is to manage the place and report to the minister not to tell the minister I want to do this, I want to do that, No, you manage the place that is why you are called the Managing Director, Chief Executive, they don’t call him Assistant Director but MD/CEO.

” we are quite worried that there is no board in FAAN, at the National Assembly, we brought it up and we said there should be board and the minister deliberately do not want to constitute a board in all the parastatals under his purview, no one has a board because he feels whenever there is board, he can not control the Managing Directors, Directors, we complained to the National Assembly”.


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