Emirates Cargo: consistent on connecting Nigeria to global markets

Emirates Skycargo aircraft

Emirates SkyCargo has recalibrated its operations to support the continuity of Nigerian businesses with once a week cargo flights in June on its passenger aircraft from Lagos to Dubai.

The airline has established this short term schedule which utilizes the bellyhold capacity on its wide body Boeing 777-300 ER passenger aircraft to supplement the cargo capacity offered by its freighter aircrafts from Lagos.

Afzal Parambil, Emirates’ Regional Manager (West Africa) said, “As an extremely agile and customer-focused business, we are very committed in supporting the Nigerian economy and helping local businesses maintain continuity by keeping their supplies running across essential industries.”

Emirates SkyCargo started its operations in Nigeria in 2004.  Emirates SkyCargo has helped import a variety of goods including mobile phones, garments, leather, beverages and personal effects.

It has also
facilitated the export of local produce including fresh kola nuts and other foodstuff.

Over and above scheduled flight operations, Emirates SkyCargo also
operates charter flights in response to customer demand. Since March 2020, Emirates SkyCargo has played an important role globally in the transport of urgently required medical supplies including personal
protective equipment such as masks and gloves, pharmaceuticals, healthcare equipment, electronics such as laptops and mobile phones as
more people around the world have turned to online working and learning, food items including fruits, vegetables, sea food and meat.

The carrier operated over 2,500 flights in the month of April.
Currently Emirates SkyCargo is operating more than 100 flights a day
from its hub in Dubai.


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