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EasyJet prepares for no-deal Brexit; converts UK pilot licenses to Austria


EasyJet will shift 1,400 UK pilot licenses to Austrian ones as the UK-based LCC prepares for a no-deal Brexit.

“Depending on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, UK-issued pilot licenses after the UK leaves the European Union (EU) could be no longer valid within the EU,” an easyJet spokesperson told ATW.

“That’s why we have worked with the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority’s [CAA] and Austro Control [Austrian Aviation Authority] to come up with a solution,” the spokesperson said, adding the new licensing process will begin from November.

Germany-registered pilots are excepted from this move, as they will move over to German licenses. UK-based crews that will carry out British operations do not have to make any changes.

In preparation for Brexit in March 2019—when the UK will leave the EU—easyJet is transferring 130 of its UK-registered Airbus A319s/A320s to its easyJet Europe unit in Vienna.

By securing an EU air operator’s certificate in Austria, easyJet Europe will safeguard the LCC’s network should the UK and EU fail to agree on a new air transport accord before the Brexit deadline.

EasyJet Europe has become Austria’s largest airline after registering 113 aircraft in Austria since the launch of the Vienna-based LCC in July 2017.

“Besides those 113 aircraft, there will be 25 additional aircraft that will be transferred to the Austrian aviation register by the middle of next year,” Austro Control spokesperson Markus Pohanka told ATW.



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