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Dronetex: Convener Urges Comprehensive Policy Framework for UAS Advancement


Convener, Dronetex conference and exhibition, Mr. Fortune Idu has called for a national dialogue to develop a comprehensive policy framework for UAS advancement in Nigeria, urging the Federal Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace Development to spearhead the initiative. 

Idu who made the call in his opening remarks at the start of the Dronetex in Lagos, commended the Nigerian government’s commitment to technology advancement, citing the release of NCAA part 21 for RPAS operation as a catalyst for growth in the drone industry. 

Since its release, he said, the sector has experienced a remarkable 40% growth, signaling the need for vertical control and comprehensive monitoring methodologies.

Expressing concern over the fragmented nature of research and development in the drone industry, Idu urged stakeholders to collaborate openly to foster integration and compliance with safety regulations. 

He applauded the efforts of the present leadership of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) in streamlining licensing processes and regulatory controls.

In light of the industry’s rapid growth, Idu announced an introductory awareness seminar, “DRONE 101,” aimed at educating stakeholders on the basics of drone operations within Nigerian airspace. 

He emphasized the transformative potential of drones beyond recreational use, envisioning them as the future of air transportation and a solution to urban traffic congestion.

The Dronetex convener announced the formation of the Nigeria Drone Enabled Group as an advocacy platform to promote the safe, secure, and responsible advancement of drone technology.

Highlighting the emergence of a new aviation sector poised to revolutionize Nigeria and Africa, Idu emphasized the profound impact of drone technology, which he described as opening a “broader window into the mystics of the sky,” offering multidimensional opportunities across various sectors.

As the DRONETECX event unfolds, participants are poised to explore the diverse civil applications of drones and unmanned aerial vehicle technologies, with a focus on shaping the national policy framework for UAS advancement in Nigeria.


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