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Don’t force government to be involved in aviation or manage airlines….Munetsi

Aaron Munetsi, AFRAA Director Legal and Industry Affairs

The Director, Legal and Industry Affairs, African Airlines Association, AFRAA, Mr. Aaron Munetsi says government should not be forced to help airlines.

This is just as he said the responsibility of government is to create the enabling environment through policies, processes and procedures.

In an interview with newsmen at the 15th Akwaaba African Travel Market in Lagos, Munetsi said, government must make sure that these policies, processes and procedures were executed with discipline and step out of way.

According to him, ”The days of government being everything are over, government is a regulating authority”.

He noted that, they were countries on the continent where government had hands off the airlines and they doing well in the business, adding that it was wrong that government must assist the airlines.

Munetsi blamed those saying government must help the airlines as the ones that were actually pushing the government to do the wrong thing, “government must stay out of the way and let business survive”.

He added, “There are countries on this African continent where government step aside and airlines are prospering. We must not continue to force government to be involved in aviation or managing the airlines themselves, they must not”.

The AFRAA Director maintained that the government must put the regulations in place and must make sure they are disciplined in putting safety and security in place and all the policies that are required and processes and procedures must be followed but not run business.


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