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Disruptive picketing, threat to safety, seek appropriate legal remedies to redeem losses…ART tells business owners


The Aviation Safety Roundtable Initiative ART, says, it considers the unwholesome and persistent disruption of flights in Lagos and Abuja by aviation workers unions as threat to safety, security and corporate existence of organisations within the aviation environment.

While condemning the action of the unions, the body noted that, it recognizes picketing as a mode of protest during  industrial action permissible by the law but stressed that, a supposedly peaceful agitation by unions should not cross the boundary of tolerability  as stated in Section 43 of the Trade Unions Act. Cap.T14, LFN,2004. 

“What we have witnessed in the recent past is the disruptive picketing which barricades entrances to airport terminals, premises, wilful attack on airline counters and prevention of  non participating workers who wish to continue working”. 

In a statement signed by the ART, Assistant Secretary General, Mr. Olu Ohunayo, it denounced unequivocally, the disruptive activities in Abuja and Lagos on Wednesday 3rd, May based on alleged labour dispute with the Imo State government. 

“ART considers as reckless these unwarranted actions which adversely affected an ailing  industry struggling to recover from Covid- 19 pandemic disruptions and the persistently high operational cost”.

The ART called on the Federal Government through the ministries of Labour and Aviation to address these disruptive activities of the labour unions decisively. 

“We also encourage organisations in the industry to activate protective Crisis Management mechanism to mitigate the consequences of these disruptive strike actions and seek appropriate  legal remedies to redeem losses caused by them”.


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