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DGCA laments poor response, contributes to the civil aviation policy review


….. says response “extremely poor”, stresses the importance of the policy

The Director General, Civil Aviation, DGCA, Capt. Musa Nuhu, has appealed to all stakeholders to contribute to the development of Civil Aviation Policy as this is critical to the industry.

Captain Nuhu who made the appeal in a zoom meeting Thursday with aviation correspondents to explain the New Civil Aviation Act, 2022, said, this offers an opportunity to the entire industry to make their input to develop a new civil aviation policy that would guide the regulation of the industry.

According to him, the Ministry of Aviation through the NCAA has sent a notice to the industry for the review of the 2013 national civil aviation policy asking for comments and inputs but unfortunately, the response has been extremely poor.

“To be honest, we have sent an AOL with the old policy, l think only one or two airlines have bothered to make an input to this and yet we keep complaining that there are issues and people are not carried along”.

Captain Nuhu emphasized that, the civil aviation policy, is important and it is a collaborative decision making, incorporation of the entire industry, adding that, certain policies adopted would force the regulatory body to look at regulatory regime make changes, additions, subtractions on whatever is necessary on the implementation of this policy.

“When the Ministry collates them, put them into a document, there will be a stakeholders conference to look and review and make necessary inputs to the document and adopt the document which will seek FEC approval and becomes legally binding on everybody but we all need to play our part and to be honest, the response from the industry extremely poor”.

‘We complain, this is not working, that is not working but people have been given an opportunity, all of us, correspondents, pilots, engineers, ground agents, airlines, ground handlers, everybody but nobody. Very few people have made contributions surprisingly people outside the industry have made significant contributions more than the people in the industry and we say, it is our industry and we are not making any effort to make an input so that we ensure that we have an industry that we will all be proud of”.

The DGCA, encouraged the entire industry stakeholders to contribute to the civil aviation policy which sets the guidelines “on how to run the industry or what is critical or what is important, what are the issues that need to be resolved in the civil aviation”.


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