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Dana Air Unveils Exclusive Rewards Amidst Soaring Air Travel Costs

Dana aircraft

Amidst the rising costs of air travel, Dana Air, a leading airline renowned for exceptional service, has unveiled a range of extra rewards for its frequent flier club members.

This initiative aims to express gratitude to loyal customers, ensuring they continue to enjoy seamless travel experiences despite industry challenges.

Ememobong Ettete, Dana Air’s Chief Operating Officer, shared insights on the new initiative for Dana Miles Club Members, stating, “Recognizing the dedication and loyalty of our frequent flier club members, we understand the impact of increasing fares on their travel plans. Hence, we are delighted to announce exclusive benefits crafted to reward and retain our cherished customers.”

Currently, Dana Miles members can enjoy perks such as booking discounts using miles, priority check-in and boarding, members-only rewards, discounts at partner outlets, and more.

Considering the industry’s current state and economic challenges, the airline aims to excite customers who remain loyal through both prosperous and challenging times.

Emem emphasized, “We reaffirm our commitment to delivering exceptional service and acknowledge the importance of customer loyalty. We encourage more travelers to join Dana Miles, offering exclusive and unparalleled benefits with a commitment to making every journey memorable.”


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