Crowd control: FAAN sets limit for protocol officers, passengers,families this yuletide

Abuja airport

It will no longer be business as usual for protocol officers of security agencies to receive their bosses and other dignitaries at the avio-bridges which had been the usual practice for many years at airports across the country.

Such officers are now expected to receive dignitaries after the immigration point which is the practice all over the world.

The General Manager, Public Affairs, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, Mrs. Henrietta Yakubu said since FAAN is committed to fulfilling its promise to be among the best airports group around the world, many practices tolerated before would no longer be allowed.

Speaking at the 10th Nigeria Aviation Award, NIGAV 2019, at the Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island in Lagos, Mrs. Yakubu said the office of the Vice-President is solidly behind the authority in ensuring that nobody no matter his/her status is allowed to flout the law.

“So long as you are in the airport and your functions and your role is a protocol officer, you are no longer allowed to go to the avio-bridges to receive dignitaries or your principals, it is not done and we the backing of the office of the Vice-President of Nigeria to ensure that this done and that this law is no longer flouted”.

She also noted that another thing currently being handled by FAAN is the crowd at the airport especially this period when many are either travelling out or coming in.
To this end, she emphasized that only one or two persons would be allowed to accompany the person travelling for effective control of the crowd to prevent their facilities from being over-stretched.

“We promised the world that we want to become among the best airports groups in the world and we are trying our best putting in our efforts to ensure that we achieve that statement that we have made. So when
one person is travelling and 10-15 people accompanying them, it over-stretches our facilities and so we are trying to discourage


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