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Covid 19: Turkish Airlines adopts stiffer safety and hygiene measures

Turkish aircraft

Turkish airline says it is committed to the wellbeing of its passengers, crew members and the entire public and will continued to prioritize safety measures to minimize the effects and spread of COVID 19.

In a statement, the airlines assured that in line with the guidelines of both local and international civil aviation authorities, all its planes are disinfected with substances approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and aircraft manufacturers. All surfaces passengers come in contact with, go through extensive cleaning processes by a dedicated special hygiene team.

“We have taken extra measures since the beginning of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic to minimize both its effects and spreading. Our foremost priority being the safety and well-being of our passengers and crew members”, a statement on the airline’s Website reads.

At the point of passenger boarding, crew members monitor passengers while welcoming them on board and throughout the flight. In the case of a passenger showing symptoms of the disease, the passenger in question undergoes a medical check with the directives of the host country’s health authority.

During flights, the cabin air is repetitively purified with hospital-grade High-efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. The filtration system constantly disinfects the air of any harmful substance in the air during flights. All passengers are also required to complete the passenger self-reporting form distributed by the Federal Ministry of Health.

Items such as forks, spoons, glasses and plates used during meals, are also disinfected asides the regular washing routine. All fabrics and devices used onboard, go through an extensive cleaning process and are replaced with fresh sets for each flight.

Since the epidemic, the Airline has increased the number of face masks, disposable gloves, sanitizers, and other disinfectants on its fleet of aircraft.
The statement also revealed that the airline prioritizes travel safety and is unwaveringly committed to working with local and international authorities to contain the spread of the virus.

The airline’s statement reads “As the airline that always puts the travel security at the forefront, Turkish Airlines will continue to monitor the latest developments on the situation with the national and international health authorities and take appropriate precautions.

As the World Health Organization declared the potential risk of the virus, we have been acting per the recommendations and instructions of the World Health Organization, IATA, and related national and international authorities since the first week of January 2020.”

In regards to flight schedules affected by the outbreak, the airline is determined to compensate customers. The statement read: “We would like to inform our passengers that due to the lowered load factors caused by the suspension of other routes, several of our flights to/from Nigeria will be undergoing cancellations in March.

Passengers with tickets to the canceled flights will be able to refund or change their tickets free of charge until the end of May if they start the process until March/April depending on the route.”

“For detailed information about the updated flight schedule please visit www.turkishairlines.com, contact the international call centre at +90 212 444 0849, and Nigerian call centre at +234 1 277 22 30-32, or visit any Turkish Airlines sales office.” The statement concluded.

Disinfection of aircraft can be viewed on https://youtu.be/4GShI0s7YGk


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