COVID 19: FAAN deploys more thermal cameras to MMIA

Screening of arriving passengers by the Thermal Scanner at the MMIA Lagos

More thermal screeners have been made available at the Murtala
Mohammed International Airport, MMIA, Lagos for the intensive and
thorough screening of all arriving passengers.

This is just as the airport authority insists that all forms for
arriving passengers are correctly filled.

Manager MMIA, Mrs. Victoria Shinaba while speaking with reporters in Lagos, said the thermal cameras have been increased to ensure every passenger is well screened and no one escapes screening.

She noted that with more cameras to capture the temperature of the
passengers, this one will help to reduce long queues and attend to all
the passengers.

Airport Manager MMIA and South-West Airport, Mrs Victoria Shinaba

“We have increased it so that we don’t keep people on queues and
nobody escapes being screened.”

Shinaba said the authority in collaboration with other concerned
government agencies including the airlines ensures that forms given
the passengers to fill their itinerary are correctly filled in the event there is a problem, they will know how to reach the passenger.

She noted that these forms are carefully analyzed by all the partners
in this recent development to ascertain the information documented is accurate.

“By the time they pick the form and analyze them so that they follow
up on people they know had something to do with china, they follow them up through telephone, through their address, through the local government and now it is more intensified.”

Shinaba assured that if there is a confirmed case, the airport
authority has in place an area where such one can be attended to.

“When we have a suspected case, we have quarantine areas, where we can
quarantine the passenger for sometimes and if it is a confirmed case of someone coming in from a flight we have another quarantine area on the tarmac so the person doesn’t even have to get into the terminal to mix with other passengers


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