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Covid-19: Despite suspension of flights, Aero promises to pay half salary for April, laments challenges, seeks bailouts, loans….

MD/CEO Aero Contractors Nigeria, ACN, Captain Ado Sanusi

The Managing Director, Aero contractors of Nigeria, ACN, Captain Ado Sanusi says some staff will receive half salary at the end of the month of April, 2020 despite the suspension of flights.

According to Captain Sanusi in a statement, this is to assist in ameliorating the challenges presented by the covid-19 ravaging the world and has led to the suspension of operations.

 “By end of April 2020, the minimum some staff would receive would be half salary, to assist in ameliorating these challenging times.”

He noted that the outbreak of the pandemic has affected business and revenue generation.
“I fully understand and appreciate all our individual apprehensions because Aero has not sold a single seat since this Pandemic forced the suspension of operations. This has naturally affected our revenue with the attendant apprehension amongst staff.” 

He explained that Management is exploring all options including seeking bailouts or loans from the Federal Government, FG and majority shareholders to assist with the payment of salaries should this suspension of operations exceed April, 2020.

Captain Sanusi urges all staff to continue observing the Public Health Safety Protocols including personal hygiene and Social Distancing. 
“We should remain vigilant and prayerful and guard against being used by destabilizing elements to cause division in our collective resolve to save our Company.” 

“I remain committed to ensuring that Aero Contractors survives these challenges and by God’s Good Graces, we shall succeed.”
The ACN boss called on Heads of Departments, HODs, Team Leaders and Union Leaders to encourage  staff members to understand that there is time for everything in life, and they should reflect on and be guided by, the famous quote of late President John F Kennedy: “Do not Dwell on what Aero can do for you, but be guided by what can we do for Aero to survive.”

“For the second time in the history of Aero Contractors, the COVID-19 challenge threatens the survival of the company while we were already struggling to stabilize before COVID-19 presented additional operational & financial challenges to our efforts. The success of Aero is predicated on our collective resolve on how we surmount these challenges and emerge stronger.” 


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