Chief Onyema Adds Another Feather to His Glorious Cap


… As UI Adorns Him with Most Distinguished Alumnus Award

The ancient city of Ibadan, particularly the University of Ibadan and its environs was agog, as the University community welcomed an
illustrious alumnus, Chief Allen Onyema during the 2019 Alumni

It was a grand ceremony, as those familiar with the University of
Ibadan easily attest to the fact that the University is famous for very high standards. On this occasion, the University bestowed on Chief Onyema her prestigious, “Alumnus of the Year 2019” award.

Well, it’s end of the year and the weather is bright in Nigeria. It’s
also harvest time, so people are  reaping according to what they have
sown. Farmers who planted are reaping fruits, while those who have
sown into the lives of others through good deeds, are harvesting, by
being rewarded one way or the other. One of the later happens to be
Chief Onyema, as his alma mater gave him the award in recognition of
his being an illustrious alumnus and his worthy contribution to the
society at large, for which the University is proud to have produced

It was an emotional setting for Chief Onyema as residents of the Ransom Kuti Hall, where he lived as a student years ago, trooped out in their numbers to celebrate him, with several banners bearing glorious inscriptions cheering the Awardee. One of the banners read “Ransom Kuti Hall Welcomes A Great Man, Barr Allen Onyema.”

It’s evident that the present crop of students, particularly residents at Ransom Kuti Hall are looking up to Chief Onyema as they made bold
to claim him, as one of their own, not just a former student of the University.

An elated Chief Onyema thanked the University authority for honouring
him, acknowledging that the University helped to prepare him for the task of succeeding in life.

He encouraged the current students to imbibe the ethics of diligence and probity in the quest for, first academic success and then succeeding in their chosen fields of endeavour.

He’s of the view that
if the students submit to the academic training and character molding for which the University of Ibadan is famous across the world, the sky
would only be the starting point of their success.


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