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Capt. Najomo Focuses on Staff Welfare, Unveils New Office Complex Plans


The Acting Director General, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Capt. Chris Najomo, has reaffirmed his dedication to improving the working conditions and overall welfare of staff.

Despite facing campaigns of calumny, Capt. Najomo remains focused on his priorities, including providing a conducive working environment and driving growth within the organization.

During an unscheduled tour of office facilities at the NCAA Headquarters in Abuja, he inspected various areas, including the offices of directors and staff pool offices. 

The purpose of the tour was to gather firsthand feedback from staff members, who expressed concerns about inadequate office accommodation and insufficient working tools, such as computers, printers, scanners, and photocopiers.

In response, Captain Najomo announced that the Authority would be providing additional office equipment, including the construction of a new office complex featuring a staff clinic, canteen, and creche. 

He also highlighted his efforts to promote staff and pay their arrears, stating that these initiatives are not to the liking of some individuals who are seeking to undermine his leadership.

Captain Najomo assured staff that they would continue to receive the necessary support and resources to excel in their roles. 

He emphasized that his commitment to staff welfare is unwavering and that he will not be distracted by petty distractions or negative campaigns.

“I want to assure you that we are working tirelessly to address the challenges you face,” Captain Najomo said. 

He promised, “We will continue to invest in training and retraining, infrastructure development, and other initiatives that will enhance your working experience. I urge you to remain focused and committed to our shared goals.”

The staff expressed optimism of Najomo’s commitment to staff welfare and his determination to drive growth within the NCAA, adding that, these are a testament to his leadership and dedication to the organization. 

According to them, as the Acting Director General, he is poised to lead the NCAA towards a brighter future, and his staff are eager to support him in this endeavour


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