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Capt. Badeh Jr. Aims to Transform Transport Safety, Emphasizes Prevention Over Reaction


Capt. Alex Badeh Jr., the newly appointed Director-General/Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau (NSIB), envisions transforming the agency into a beacon of progress in transport safety rather than merely responding to tragedies.

In a handover ceremony at the Bureau’s Abuja Head Office, he pledged to proactively prevent transportation accidents by leveraging data, technology, and human ingenuity.

Capt. Badeh emphasized pillars such as a commitment to excellence, inter-agency collaboration, transparency, accountability, and the promotion of safety awareness. 

He aspires for the NSIB to be a partner, educator, and advocate for transport safety, engaging stakeholders at every level.

Acknowledging the support of the NSIB team, Badeh called for cooperation, hard work, and professionalism to fuel his vision. 

He urged all Nigerians to make safety a way of life, contributing to a transport safety system where every journey is assured, and every life arrives safely.

Outgoing Director-General, Engr. Akin Olateru, expressed gratitude for his successful tenure, leaving the NSIB in an improved state. 

Reflecting on transforming the agency into a desirable workplace, Olateru commended the team’s support and encouraged continued collaboration under the new leadership.

About Captain Badeh

Capt. Alex Badeh Jr.’s aviation expertise, gained from over 6000 flight hours internationally, includes roles with renowned airlines like American Airlines, American Eagle, Arik Air, and Aero Contractors Nigeria Ltd. 

He holds diverse certifications and has received accolades for safety and mentorship. 

Beyond his professional achievements, Badeh advocates for diversity, inclusion, and mental health in the aviation industry.


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