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Cancelled flights: aggrieved passengers besieged Arik Air for refund


Aggrieved passengers of Arik Air today besieged the airlines headquarters to demand for the refund of their airfares for cancelled flights. 

The aggrieved passengers could not gain entrance into the premises as they were prevented by security officials deployed to prevent a breakdown of law and order. 

One of the aggrieved passengers who pleaded anonymity alleged that her N800,000 ticket funds have been trapped in the airline since December 23, 2016.

She alleged she bought air tickets for some group of passengers who were supposed to travel to Johannesburg, South Africa with the airline, but the flight was cancelled by the airline, stressing that since then, she has been unable to get refund.

The aggrieved passengers who were bent on being given a listening remained by the gate barricaded by security officials.

Arik Air according to our correspondent has been enmeshed in problems ranging from cancelled, delayed flights,  delayed and baggage loss in addition to issues with unions in the industry over non payment of staff salaries and refusal to unionise it’s staff. 

There are also indications that the Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON) is set to take over the airline over it indebtedness to the tune of N139billion


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