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Book launch: Essentials of a Cabin Crew

L-R: The Author, Joy Ogbebo and Mr. Emmanuel Iza, CEO Xejet Airline and Chief launcher

The Book, ‘How to Become A Professional Cabin Crew’, has been launched in Lagos for aspiring cabin crew in the aviation industry.

Industry stakeholders who witnessed the launch described the book as apt for the Nigerian Aviation industry positioned for growth and development with the expectant entrant of more domestic airlines and the soon to start Nigeria Air.

Unveiling the book, the Chief launcher, Chief Executive Officer, Xejet Airline, Mr. Emmanuel Iza said, it is a welcome development to have a book of this sought to help would-be cabin crew to understand the profession they are aspiring for, how to go about applying for a job and other tips to help them succeed.

“Since my path crossed MamaJ, it has never been the same, she’s been a very wonderful person”.

Chairman of the occasion, Ms. Jasmine Dion, Green Africa, applauded the efforts of the author of the book, Joy Ogbebo for her passion in promoting the cabin crew profession and grooming the next generation of aviation professionals.

Jasmine Dion, Green Africa Airline

“As a woman professional, it is very important for me to stand up and support women professionals, women entrepreneurs. It is rightly said, “do not judge a book by its cover and without taking a look at the book, I am sure I can say with certainty this is not just a book and this is not just a cover to be judged”.

“This is a culmination of MamaJ’s experience, her years of expertise and her years of passion. It is all of that which is garnered to make this few 100 pages and I am sure there is going to be a volume two, a volume three and many more, I look forward to being bacI for all of those volumes”.

In her address of welcome, the author of the book, Joy Ogbebo said, she was inspired to write the book due to high demand for information concerning the Cabin Crew profession and described the book as an answer to the many mind boggling questions.

She stated that the number of people who reached out to her for information keeps increasing and knowing that the greatest empowerment one can give to anyone is information.

“No wonder late Kofi Anan did say that, Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family”.

“I wrote this book because I identified an information gap and I wanted to see how I could fill it.  I strongly believe that every young person out there deserves a right to the right information before they kick start their career journey in Aviation”.

According to Joy,the book is an interesting read as it captures every information needed to kick start the journey of becoming a cabin crew.

“The Cabin Crew profession is one of the best jobs. Very attractive job. A job that takes you around the world, imagine having breakfast in Lagos, lunch in Accra and dinner in London..  what can be more exciting….However, it is important that you know that behind all that is HARD WORK!”.

In her advice to aspiring cabin crew, she said, “Please, if you are an aspiring Cabin Crew, read this book. Do not dabble into what you don’t know. The role of a Cabin Crew transcends serving coffee onboard and looking all glammed up. Do not take that step if you haven’t read this book please. I am thinking of going for a guidance and counseling course as many of you have turned me into a counselor in addition to what I do. I know how many times some call me crying, some are becoming depressed.  I have had to do a lot of talking, encouragement and all that. They had thought that after their course a job would fall automatically on their laps. Nothing is automatic. You have to be ready to pay the price”.

The climax of the event was the launch and purchase of the book by airline’s cabin crew executives present, airline CEO’s, stakeholders aspiring cabin crew, aviation training organizations and interested individuals.

About the book

1.        Properly introduced to the Cabin Crew Profession.

2.        Know how to go about the Cabin Crew training.

3.        The type of Aircraft to be rated on.

4.        Be armed with the necessary tips and secrets to help you stand out from the crowd

5.        Be able to prepare winning Crew Resumes.

6.        Attend a job Interview successfully and land that dream job.


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