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Boeing unveils flexible 777X cabin design


Amid preparations for the rollout and first flight of the 777-9, Boeing has unveiled the first details of the all-new interior design for the 777X, which is scheduled to enter service in 2020.

Building on what Boeing says is the “best of the 777 and 787” the company has developed a broad range of interior lining options for the first, business, premium economy and coach class cabins which take advantage of the 777X’s wider internal cross-section, revised 787-like interior support structure and larger cabin windows.

“Historically a cabin is basically the same when it comes to the lining package. But we listened to our customers who expressed their desire for flexibility,” says Kent Craver, Boeing’s regional director of cabin experience and revenue analysis. “We have been able to create a suite of options for airlines to customize four different cabins on the same aircraft without the typical headaches,” Boeing regional director of cabin experience and revenue analysis Kent Craver said.

By sculpting the fuselage frames, Boeing has enlarged the 777X internal cabin width from 231 in. (19.2 ft.) on the current 777 to 235 in. The additional real estate has enabled new configurations with seven-across business class seating that Boeing says will offer comparable space and comfort to the six-abreast configurations in service today. Revised stowage bins with greater capacity and slightly concave outer profiles will enable storage space for each passenger to stow a carry-on bag.

Boeing has also increased the size of the 777X cabin windows by 16%. The window line is also higher on the fuselage side and tops out 2.6 in. above the windows on the current aircraft. “It’s a significantly different approach, especially around the ceiling. We have different options which will allow the airlines to create different aspects of the spaciousness through a combination of physical architecture and lighting,” Craver said.

The new twinjet family, which is due to enter service in 2020, also includes optional ceiling configurations. Boeing currently offers a premium ceiling with no center overhead bins but “with the 777X we have two primary ceilings and we have designed the ability to have one ceiling in one part of the aircraft and another ceiling in a different part and be able to transition seamlessly from one to the other,” Craver said.

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