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BASL deploys Bouncers, dogs, block terminal gates as unions protest enter Day 2


…….FAAN revenue grows

The revenue generation of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN is expected to shoot up as all domestic airlines in Lagos now operate from the General Aviation Terminal One GAT managed by them.

The unions shut down of the Murtala Mohammed Terminal 2 Lagos over labour issues with the management has afforded FAAN the opportunity to grow its revenue from the GAT.

Spokesperson for the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria FAAN, Mrs. Henrietta Yakubu assured that the GAT 1 was capable of handling the additional airlines and passengers.

With the second day of the union protest,the MM2 has been completely shut down by its owner, Bicourtney Aviation Services Limited, BASL as it blocked the exit and entry gates with its trucks, deployed bouncers and security dogs to drive away protesters from gaining entry into the terminal.

Steve Omolale, spokesman for BASL said, they were ensuring the protection of their properties from being tampered with as the union members were determined on forcing the management to its knees by acceding to their demands.

He noted that it was not a breach of any law with the deployment of bouncers to their property to ” ensure protection”.

The Unions on their part, say they would not be scared easily by the presence of the bouncers and dogs, adding they would continue their protest and disruption of activities at the terminal until their demands were meant.

The protesting union members also used their vehicles to block a portion of the gates resulting in traffic gridlock in the airport environment.

Secretary General, National Association of Aircraft Pilots and Engineers, NAAPE, comrade Ocheme Aba said the presence of the “bouncers was a security threat to the airport, the action of today by BASL is a sign that the man is not ready to dialogue with anybody”.

He noted that the unions never received any letter from the court restraining them from carrying out their protest.


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