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Avoiding corona virus spread for passengers, by flight dispatcher

Flight  Dispatcher Mrs Victoria Jumoke Adegbe

A United States Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA) and Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority ( NCAA) licensed Flight  Dispatcher and Ground Instructor, Mrs Victoria Jumoke Adegbe has advised sick passengers to abstain from traveling to save their lives from the ravaging spread of Corona virus.

She said sick passengers manifesting symptoms of other infections were more susceptible to contract Coronavoris through the air travel mode compared to other modes of transportation because of  cabin pressurization   associated with air travel.

Adegbe said the travel advisory to sick persons became imperative because of the peculiarity of air travel as the fastest mode of transport likely to serve as an avenue for the fastest spread of corona virus disease.

She said as a ground pilot, the air transport industry needed to curtail the spread of corona virus by insisting that passengers adhere to preventive measures including personal hygiene and the use of sanitizes.

Adegbe said urgent steps needed to be taken to curtail the spread of Corona virus , which has killed many people in six weeks.

She said :” Since Thomas Selfridge, the first man to die in a plane crash September 17, 1908 till February 2020 over 112 years, the total number of air crash victims is less than 60,000 persons which is a number that still makes my heart weep being a Ground Pilot. 

“The Coronavirus on the other hand has infected over 60,000 persons in just six  week into 2020. 

” As at January 2020 30,  World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus a global public health emergency.

“Air travel being the fastest means of travelling from region to region can also be the fastest means by which the coronavirus is spread fastest.

When a similar plaque called the black death swept into Europe from Asia in 1347, in just  five years, over 200 million people lost their lives . 

” The import is that it took five years to destroy over 200 million people when there were no air travels, trains, or engine powered cars! Now imagine the speed of transmission with our technological advancement. 

” I went on a research to see the categories of personal  hygiene people  infected and discovered that over 75 per cent  of those infected already had a prior disease such as diabetes, pneumonia and high blood pressure .

” You shouldn’t fly if you’re sick. Go to a hospital first and get treated.

“You should drink lots of water, keeping your throat hydrated decreases the chance of the coronavirus infecting you. Personal hygiene such as washing your hands with soap under running water and not in a bowl. Using hand sanitizers and coughing inside a handkerchief.”


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