Aviation unions meet with ICRC to iron out grey areas in the proposed concession of airports


Unions in the aviation industry yesterday held a meeting with representatives of the Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC) over the proposed concession of the four big international airports in the country.
The airports pen down for the concession are that of Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt and Kano
The meeting is geared toward reaching an amicable stand and ironing out the grey areas in the process.

The meeting is in continuation of aviation unions’ engagements with stakeholders and relevant Agencies of government, over the proposed concession at the instance of top management staff of FAAN.

The meeting was to also afford the representatives of the Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC) to sensitize both Management and the unions on Private Public Private Partnership (PPP) as it applies to the affected airports.

In a very engaging and incisive deliberations that lasted the entire working day, both parties had enough time to articulate their points which emanated from series of presentations made by ICRC and those culled from previous engagements.

*Questions that emerged include:*
1. Why  are workers (active & pensioners) not captured in their presentation on airport concession.

2.  Why the absence of Unions input in the hiring of Transaction Advisers?

3. How will the cases of the concessions that the claim are working in other parts of the world has shown in their presentation, apply in Nigeria. considering Nigeria’s peculiarity?

4. The exact part of the affected airports to be concessioned?

5. The role of ICRC in MMA2 concession sofar?

6.  Where is the blueprint of the proposed concession?

7. Why is government not exploiting other favourable types of concession that will create more jobs and boost internally generated revenue?

The ICRC who took time to listen to the Unions promised to take back these grey areas to government and get back to the Unions.

The Unions maintain that the credibility of the Technical Advisers is in doubt and Union position remains, no concession, until the answers to these question are  satisfactory.

The 3-day Public Private Partnership sensitization will end today


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