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Aviation: NCAA reiterates sustenance of zero accident as it penalizes, de-registers, sanctions….


……warns airlines over delays/cancellations

The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority NCAA has deregistered 10 aircraft from its register, sanctioned airlines and penalized pilots and crew for various safety reasons.

Others affected are aircraft engineers and aviation training institutions.

Speaking at an interactive forum for information Managers in the aviation sector in Lagos, Director General,NCAA Captain Muktar Usman said violation of safety regulations was viewed seriously by the Authority.

He noted that in order to ensure that the zero accident in the sector was sustained and passengers comfort not compromised, it was constantly strengthening it oversight of aviation agencies, airlines and their personnel.

On delays of flights on the domestic routes, Capt. Usman said, 16,880 scheduled flights were delayed,” on international 2,443, 253 cancelled on domestic, international 95, missing baggage/ delayed on domestic 25, international 17,893, all airlines have been warned over delays and cancellations”.

According to Captain Usman, while it big stick came down on some airlines and its personnel, it also recorded many successes in the registering of 20 aircraft for commercial air transport and 10 for General aviation operations and the re-registering of 12 as well as issued 30 certificates of airworthiness and renewed 85 between January to June this year.

He explained that 15 training organizations was certified while 11 was still being processed, adding that 36 pilots, 68 aircraft maintenance engineers and 242 cabin crew licenses were issued.

“violation to safety regulations is viewed seriously by the NCAA , 5 airlines sanctioned, several flight crew and engineers penalized and aviation training organization also penalized”.

The NCAA boss emphasized that as the Authority looked forward to an exponential growth in the sector with an anticipated increase in passenger volume, airline operators must adhere strictly to civil aviation regulations.

He noted that with the zeal to ensure total enforcement of its regulation, it would not hesitant to wade the big stick when appropriate.


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