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Aviation Lions Club plants flowers to enhance GAT, MM2 roundabouts


The Aviation Lions Club, Ikeja has added to the beauty of the domestic airport environment with the planting of flowers at the roundabouts leading into the General Aviation Terminal One, GAT and the in and exit gates of the Murtala Mohammed Terminal Two, MM2.

The exercise which was carried out at the weekend was led by the New President of the Lions Club, Ms.Theresa Chukwuedo.

Before now, the Aviation Lions Club, Ikeja had embarked on many humanitarian activities within the airport community, these include free medical care, donation of books to the Airport Secondary School, hand sanitizers, face masks, tree planting, assistance to the needy amongst others.

L-R: Ms. Theresa Chukwuedo, current President, Aviation Lions Club, Ikeja, Mrs. Ihenacho, GM NAMA and Engr. AbdulRaham Musa, immediate past of the club

Speaking after the planting exercise, Ms. Chukwuedo said, the purpose of the planting of flowers was to sensitize people on the need to plant trees and flowers, adding that, these plants not only beautify the surroundings, it also contributes to human health.

“We all know what trees does to our environment. Trees consume carbon monoxide and gives oxygen and you know oxygen is essential for our wellbeing. We are trying to say we care and try to say that we should plant trees for our existence and at the same time trying to have a good neighborly aesthetics around the airport and to promote commerce and tourism”.

As regards maintenance of the flowers, the Lions Club President assured that, in the next three months, their horticulturist would maintain it and later, it would be handled over to the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN.

“But from time to time we wouldn’t want what we have done or what we have started to die so from time to time, we will come around to see how the plants are doing and for the ones that are not doing well, we will replace them”.

On her plans during her tenure, she said, “We are going to deal on issues of health during my tenure for the year, education, feeding the hungry and environment.Feeding the hungry, those really on the streets, like in the colonies in Ebute Meta, some in Agege and some other areas and so we are going to go on the streets and feed them and again we are going to empower some people were necessary”.

The Immediate Past President of the Club, Engr. AbdulRaham Musa who participated in the planting exercise, urged the new President to exercise patience and be willing to carry everyone along to be successful in giving back to the society.

“For you to be a leader you must be patient no matter what, you need people to run the affairs for you, you can’t do it alone, you listen to everyone but you pick the one that you think is reasonable and that is okay for you to do whatever you want to do, if you are a  leader you must be open to everybody and be transparent and that is the only way you can survive and succeed, that is what I did during my time”.

Members of the club who came out to join in the planting of flowers, expressed satisfaction in giving of their time and contributing their quota to putting smiles on the faces of travellers who would be driving or passing through the roundabouts.

They hoped that, in the coming days when the flowers blossom, the environment would become more beautiful.


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