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Aviacargo: MD FAAN pledges Corruption-Free Cargo Operations and Enhanced Export Integrity


The Managing Director, FAAN, Alhaji Kabir Yusuf Mohammed, has assured the Aviacargo Roadmap committee that the persisting issues of delays and multiple charges for cargo at the airport will soon be resolved. 

During the monthly briefing to the MD by Ambassador Ikechi Uko, the Coordinator of the Committee, Uko conveyed that the committee’s observations and recommendations would be implemented.

Ambassador Uko presented the progress of the 5-stage project plan, revealing that only two legs are left to complete the job. 

He sought the MD’s support for the remaining parts, including the collation and report writing of findings by subject matter experts. 

The Committee has identified 10 points for implementation, emphasizing the FAAN cargo bill of rights to ensure swift, transparent, and efficient handling of goods at Nigerian airports.

Highlighting the importance of a designated cargo village, Ambassador Uko explained its role in transforming unknown goods into known goods before export. 

He stressed the need for Nigeria to adopt global standards, including the implementation of IATA IOSA for airlines, and proposed a similar approach for players in the cargo ecosystem, involving registration and certification.

Expressing gratitude for the presentation, the MD pledged support for the development of new standard operating procedures (SOPs) in cargo terminals. 

He assured FAAN will implement new service level agreements (SLAs) to overhaul cargo operations, aiming to create a corruption-free zone. 

“The adoption of the Cargo Bill of Rights, new SOPs, and SLAs will enhance the integrity of exports, reducing the rejection of goods”.

The MD emphasized the implementation of a new 5-level secure supply chain pathway, ensuring traceability and compliance across the entire value chain, starting from farms. 

“FAAN management will participate in the retreat for the final production of the report, marking the beginning of a new era for aviacargo in Nigeria”. 


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