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ATQNews.com and Naija7Wonders to Unveil New Members in Prestigious Tourism 100 Club


….Marking a Milestone for Nigeria’s Travel Industry Post-Covid 19

ATQNews.com and Naija7Wonders are set to induct new members into the esteemed Tourism 100 Club, a landmark event for Nigeria’s travel industry post-Covid 19.

The induction, chaired by Ambassador Ikechi Uko, the Project Director of Naija7Wonders, will not only welcome fresh faces but also host the club’s inaugural general meeting, symbolizing a significant milestone in the country’s tourism landscape.

Established in 1999, Tourism 100 serves as a compilation of leading professionals in Nigeria’s tourism sector.

Ambassador Uko highlights the club’s instrumental role during the Covid19 lockdown, where it actively promoted domestic tourism through the Naija7Wonders weekly Zoom Conference from June to December 2020.

Naija7Wonders, initiated by ATQNews in 2009, seeks the Seven Wonders of Nigeria, with the Tourism 100 Club playing a pivotal role in selecting the top seven man-made destinations.

The upcoming induction, scheduled for 2024, is anticipated to foster collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to boosting Nigeria’s domestic tourism potential.

In addition to the induction, the Tourism 100 Club will conduct specialized training sessions for both existing and new members, aiming to equip them with the skills necessary to effectively market Nigeria as a premier tourist destination.

This commitment to professional development underscores the club’s dedication to elevating the standard of tourism promotion in the country.

Furthermore, the club will honor champions of tourism, recognizing individuals who have significantly contributed to the promotion of tourism in Nigeria.

The listing of the Top 100 Tourism Personalities serves as a tribute to their relentless efforts and sacrifices, spotlighting the faces behind the exceptional work that has propelled Nigeria’s tourism industry forward despite challenging conditions.

The induction ceremony, marking a pivotal moment in post-Covid 19 domestic tourism, promises to be a catalyst for positive change, fostering unity within Nigeria’s tourism sector.


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