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ASRTI Champions PPP for Aviation Advancement and Safety

President, ASRTI, Air Commodore Ademola Onitiju retired

ASRTI President, Air Commodore Ademola Onitiju retired

President of the Aviation Roundtable Initiative (ASRTI), Air Commodore Ademola Onitiju retired,
advocates for the adoption of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) funding model to enhance global standards of safety, security, comfort, and profitability in the aviation sector.

Emphasizing the scarcity of government funds, he suggests that the PPP Projects model facilitates the development of public transport infrastructure through long-term contracts covering funding, planning, building, operation, maintenance, and divestiture.

During the 3rd ASRTI Business Breakfast Meeting in Lagos, with the theme: ‘Nigerian Aviation Sector Charges, Duties, and Tariffs: Truly Exorbitant’? retired Air Commodore Onitiju highlights the suitability of the PPP approach for acquiring advanced aviation infrastructure, requiring skilled workers and substantial capital.

He particularly recommends the operation and maintenance contract model for air navigation and related equipment, believing that timely infrastructure delivery will create an environment conducive to commercial aviation, fostering tourism and attracting foreign investment.

Among the benefits of this adoption, he underscores the elimination of bureaucracy, ensuring value for money and off-balance sheet accounting.

Addressing human capital development, Onitiju stresses the need for a government-led master plan to strengthen aviation agencies and allied institutions.

He proposes an aggressive approach, including the re-engagement of retired, experienced technical personnel to fill the existing deficit of inspectors and regulatory enforcement personnel as a short-term measure.

Furthermore, the ASRTI President urges the Nigerian government to create a conducive environment, promoting fair competition, strengthening local airlines, and attracting serious investors to enhance sector capacity and international competitiveness.

He concludes with the assertion that charity in the aviation sector must begin at home.


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