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Asky abandons passengers at Lagos Airport

Asky aircraft

Asky airlines this morning abandoned 20 of its passengers at the Murtala Mohammed International airport as the airline overbooked its flight number KP 25 scheduled for Accra.

Trouble erupted when the airline officials turned their backs against the affected and helpless passengers who demanded the attention of the senior manager simply known as Bolaji but to no avail.

Officials of the airline Chris Okoroafor and one Awe, tried to appeal to the passengers for calm when they took over the airlines MMIA office and insisted that solution must be proffered.

A frustrated Canadian national, who is a professor and department head, Value Research Chain, Faculty of Process Energy, St John’s University, Newfoundland, Canada lamented that Asky attitude had proven that the management had no regard for customers business and feelings.

He noted that Accra was just a transit route for him, adding that the disappointment did not occur by accident but was planned by the operators as they knew the capacity of aircraft and went ahead to over book it.

Also, the manager, international programmes, International University. Newfoundland, Canada, MS Jinghva Nie, stated that the action was a gross violation of human right.

She said, “I regretted having something to do with Asky. Asky is a fraud. This is unexplainable and it is unacceptable. ”

Another disappointed passenger, who was on transit to Dakar, a PhD scholar, Evelyn Inofomoh, vowed to take legal action should Asky fraudulent act attract penalties if she misses her Monday presentation.

She said, “I was at the airport before before 9:00 am for my boarding pass, only to be told that the flight is overbooked.”

The passengers who protested at the airlines office at the MMIA were later rescheduled for Monday but they insisted on travelling today in order to meet up with their appointment.


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