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ART calls for overhaul of internal communication system, advices unions against barricading counters


The Aviation Round Table Safety Initiative, ART, has cautioned trade unions in the industry to desist from embarrassing the country with acts of barricading Check- in- Counters of airlines in order to collect outstanding payments.

The group in a statement, while commending the executive order designed facilitate the ease of doing business in the Aviation sector of the economy, said if trade unions adhere to this, it would improved passenger facilitation.

“In furtherance of this unique presidential initiative, our body also appreciate the dismantling of the “dash table “at our international airports which has ART recommends that operators and various agencies involved in Aviation should also address the following administrative and safety issues”.

The ART also recommended that the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN and the Nigeria Airspace Management Agency NAMA should develop efficient and effective ways of collecting dues, rates and remittances from operators in the industry rather than strong arm tactics that could lead to break down of law and order in the airport environment.
They called for the immediate overhaul of the internal Communication system among all agencies involved in the management of the Air Navigational Services a modern technology driven with accurate and effective communication system to promote aviation safety.

” The communication gap often exhibited between airline operators and Air Traffic Controllers has variously resulted in instances of Air & Ground Returns, abortion/cancelation of flights with attendant jeopardy to flight safety and financial losses to airline operators who are the raison d’etre”.

The statement added, “agencies should diligently discharge their duties to operators in the industry by ensuring that Air Navigational Services and Ground handling services both at the point of departure and destination are more efficient in order to prevent incidences of flight clearance /approval at departure and denial of landing rights at destination. A strict enforcement of AIP and AIP bolstered by the imposition of appropriate sanctions for defaulting agency or persons could address this unwholesome operational safety lapse”.
ART assures the general public of its preparedness to support all measures by government and its agencies in the promotion of flight Safety and passenger convenience towards the revival of the Nigerian economy and the ease of doing business.


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