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AON Elections: Not all members were invited, participated….


All seem not to be alright in the Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON) as one of the members is alleging that some members were sidelined in the election held yesterday where the owners of Azman and Airpeace airlines emerged President and Vice-President.

After months of arguments on certain pertinent issues among members and when some thought that the coast was clear with the elections yesterday of  Alhaji Abdulmunaf Yunusa and Barr. Allen Onyema as pilots and co-pilots of AON, a new twist has emerged.

One of the aggrieved members, Chairman of West Link Airline, Captain Ibrahim Mshelia said not all members were in attendance and therefore not all participated. 
According to him, there were so many things to be ratified before the elections but that was not done and expressed disappointment that not even one of the founding members were invited to the meeting to witness the proceedings.

“Now that they have held the AGM with some members and left out some other members, went ahead to elect exco for AON as I have now heard . The  question on my mind now before I find the right moment to ask it is; have they now split AON?” If they have, into how many, and where do they put the invited and those not invited? 

Captain Mshelia stated that since the AON meeting on the 5th February 2020 “so many decisions were taken but yet to be ratified is better kept in-house to AON because I feel so embarrassed personally at some of the actions. he concluded.

He explained that though he was invited to the meeting he did not attend because he was bereaved but send a representative.
“But I had asked the Managing Director not to attend nor send delegation if he finds out that not every member was invited.”
“I was in the village and was told he did not attend. Confirming to me that not all but the selected members only were invited to an AGM that we all knew an election was to be held. 

“Secondly, even if I was next door to the event, I would not have participated because not all members were invited to the AGM and I am not convinced yet why they exempted some members for an AGM. But yes, West Link was invited to the meeting alright. 

He vowed to always stand for truth and justice, “I will always stand with truth and justice. In my opinion, what has been happening in AON since the meeting of 5th February, fell way below my expectation of fairness, truth, equity and justice. I fought hard and tried to get us to address the issues fairly and squarely before we proceeded with election. All that fell on deaf ears it would now appear..


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