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ANAP scribe calls for constitution amendment to reduce high cost of election

The Secretary General, Association of Nigerian Aviation Professionals ANAP, Comrade Abdulrasaq Saidu wants the 9th national assembly to commence the immediate amendment of the country’s constitution as soon as they resume with a view to reduce the high cost of election in the country.
Speaking with newsmen in his ANAP office in Lagos, comrade Saidu said, such constitutional amendment should accommodate part time representation and independent candidacy to reduce the attractive nature of the positions.
According to him, the present legislators can not justify the alleged fat salaries they earn especially in the aspect of constituency project allowances, adding that there were nothing on ground to show for it.
He explained that while it took Civil servants many years to get minimum wage, politicians were going home with millions of naira every month for doing nothing.
“We don’t want that type of representation, let us change this country for the better”.
The ANAP scribe said, the spate of political killings and rigging by politicians was as a result of the financial attachment to the offices.
“If you they make it part time and introduce independent candidacy, you will realize that there will be decorum, less killings and less criminal offences because it will become less attractive and only people with the interest of the country will become interested to contest election “
He condemned the borrowing of money by politicians to finance their campaigns saying that it amounted to corruption as such politicians would first recoup their money when voted in to power.


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