ANAP applauds FG on facility upgrade, manpower development… frowns at neglect of workers welfare


The Association of Nigerian Aviation Professionals (ANAP) has scored the present administration high in the upgrade of navigational facilities in the country.

The union also noted  that the improvement in airport facilities and human capacity development have all contributed to zero accident in the airspace.

Speaking on the 5 years achievements of the Buhari government in the aviation industry, Secretary General, Association of Nigerian Aviation Professional, ANAP, Comrade Abulrasaq Saidu, says a lot had been done in the aviation sector including the construction of five major terminals across the country.

Comrade Abdulrazak Saidu , ANAP secretary general

“Yes, we have seen infrastructural development in terms of air navigation, in terms of airport facilities, we have also seen development in modernizing some airports yes we have seen that, that is kudos to the minister of aviation for doing that. We seen particularly Abuja, Enugu, Kano, Port Harcourt somehow Lagos here, we know that yes there is improvement in infrastructural and airport development.”

He however called for more training and re-training of workers in the industry, stressing that the non replacement of the current aging workforce must be given attention.

“Retraining of workers has improved a bit but needed to be intensified because those on duty they are retiring, they are getting older they need to be replaced like in NCAT, there is a fire simulator supposedto be encouraged, long time they proposed this fire simulator at NCAT, engineers must be produced, mashallers, air traffic controllers, aeronautical engineers, aeronautical information officers, fire and safety.”

ANAP scribe scored the administration low in the Ares of  welfare of workers in the aviation industry.According to him, the ministry of aviation performed below expectation in terms of  the condition of service CoS which the minister later had to address by himself.

“Welfare matters is completely zero, we fought and held meeting with the Honourable minister of aviation when some of the chief executive were lying that all these were with the salary and wages commission while some of it was with them and some in the Ministry of aviation unknown to the minister until we held meeting with him. You can’t believe it that the minister voluntarily says he is going to led to that salary and wages commission, they thought he was joking. That very morning he was supposed to go, it is that morning they went and submit the NCAA condition of service, the minister was shocked that they just brought this thing now to me, the parastatals terms and condition of service has nothing to with salaries and wages.”


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