Anambra North: “I want a better life for my people” … Senator Oduah

Senator Stella Oduah, representing Anambra North in the National Assembly

The Senator representing Anambra North Senatorial District in Anambra State, Senator Stella Oduah has expressed the need for a paradigm shift in her district, stressing that it is only through that means that all the existing gaps in her community would be closed completely.

Speaking on her plans for her people yesterday, Senator Odua said her people need a new system where leaders would be able to understand the existing gaps and also know how they can be resolved to the benefit of everybody.

She insisted that Anambra North needs an individual with versatile, proven capacity, and multi-tasker to make things happen, qualities that she possesses.

The Anambra politician who is aspiring for a re-election into the upper chamber of the National Assembly under the umbrella of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP said “it is all about resuscitating our zone, its all about our zone, I know and I believe am the person for the job but my opponent has served in government just as I have in various capacities but please, can you ask them what have they done for you and what would they do for you apart from cut and paste and the truth is they have no plan, they have no vision, they have not done it before, they didn’t do it yesterday and am very sure, they would still not do it tomorrow because its not in their DNA”

Pledging that she will change Anambra Senatorial district for the better, the renowned politician lamented that her communities have been littered with youths abandoned by their state government.

Consequently, Odua pointed out that these youths have already been turned into drug addicts and cultists as a resultant effect of neglect.

“Sense of hopelessness and helplessness has become a signpost for most of our communities. Poverty has been on the increase amongst the women due to neglect and huge negligence on the part of the government. Multiple taxation on traders has contributed to the reduction of trading activities”, she said.

Senator Odua observed that she was very shock about the inability of the state to prioritize on trade which is the bedrock of Anambra people.

Due to abandonment of such revenue generating source, PDP senatorial candidate, observed that touts have taken over the streets in Anambra North, all in the name of revenue generation for who?.

On health, Senator Odua who is contesting for re-election into the Senate said “Our health care system is non- existent, the most scary one is that our value system has been in decay, urban migration has been on the increase, our youths are constantly looking for a greener pasture, who would blame them?”

As a way forward, Odua advised that there is need for Anambra North people to have a voice in Abuja that has robust network, boldness, courage and has the tenacity and the audacity to speak for them.

Emphasising that such politician must have the capacity to enact the requisite law, Odua added that her people also need a visionary with a roadmap to curb the decay in the system.

Recounting her experiences, Senator Odua said “as a successful business woman, I got to the peak of my career before I went into politics. In politics, I became the Federal minister of Federal republic of Nigeria, my tenure recorded unprecedented of the sector, the decay that we meant, we turned it around, we rebuilt the sector, we made Enugu International airport functional and operational. We went further to build brand new airport, in fact, the first ever Christian pilgrims terminal today in Enugu and anywhere in Nigeria, we built it”.

On her achievements as senator, she said “as your serving senator, I have 30 bills and 30 motions all impactful towards job creation, women empowerment and youths. The essence is to redress again the deficiency but that’s not all, we have trained more than 15,000 youths with requisite skills for life, they will have access to sustainable source of income, be wealth creators, in being wealth creators, they will ensure that we have communities that are working, that are functional and they will be their brothers keepers”.

Assuring Anambra people that the reason she is seeking for re-election is for a better life for Anambra North, Senator Odua said “I will fight for you, I have been fighting for you, my passion is to better the lives of my people, from Anambra North” .

She urged the good people of Anambra North to come out enmass to vote for her again in next month elections as their senator to continue and consolidate on wealth creation, employment, training among others to build a great Anambra North known for business.

On her foundation, she said “The Princess Stella Oduah Foundation has been promoting the development of vulnerable children through the provision of conducive social and economic environment for capacity building.

“Some of the foundation’s initiatives include skill acquisition programme, farmers’ micro-finance scheme, women cassava farmers’ initiative and potable water scheme, among others,’’ she said.


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