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Allowances: NATCA pleads with NCAT for better treatment of their members


The Nigerian Air Traffic Controllers Association, NATCA has appealed to the Management of the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, NCAT, Zaria to give controllers who are instructors in the college what is due them in the area of allowances.

President of NATCA, Comrade Abayomi Agoro said the Association was not happy that it members were not being treated well in this regard, insisting that the college Management should do the needful to boost the morale of these instructors.

NATCA president, Agoro Abayomi Omotayo

In a chat with newsmen in Lagos, comrade Agoro said their appeal was for the Management of the college to give the controllers consideration based on what they do on a daily basis, adding with the consistent training in the college a lot of money was also being generated.

“Some of our controllers who are instructors in NCAT they are not being treated well and the college generates a whole lot of money, the training is going on consistently there, in fact I can say it is the most active school of the 4 schools in that college but it appears the college is paying a lip service to many of them, so we also are going to request of the college to do what is needful, what we feel is right for them and try as much as possible to boost their morale”.

The NATCA President noted that the Association had reached agreement to engage the NCAT management to discuss this issue
“Well we have 4 different schools there and each school is operating and what we also feel is that what is good for the goose is good for the gander, if you can give A one then you should be magnanimous enough to give the B something you feel is commensurate in the area of allowances, the Association is not happy. We are not happy the way there are being treated and we are still going to meet with the college to please look into their case, we want to plead with the college to please give them a consideration based on what they are doing on a daily basis, it’s an appeal and we will try as much as possible to convince and make them see reason that we deserve something”.

Comrade Agoro also frowns on the delayed promotion of some controllers in the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency, NAMA, “I must be frank with you, we have an issue right now in NAMA, some of our controllers are not being given their desires when it comes to promotions, we have tabled the issue and the MD has promised us to try as much as possible to meet with the HR and ensure that we find a solution. Controllers have a scheme, in as much as people feel that scheme is not going to work in NAMA, they should assist us to have such scheme but people in HR who want to manage us, they should try and study us and know exactly what we deserve In that agency, we can be run as if we are under a regimented regime, NO”.

He added, “If you go to major ANSP, what controllers take and what other people take are not the same, we are not doing same job and we have done a lot of things to justify all these things. Before we even started the issue of allowances in NCAT we know the number of ANSP we have gone to and came back, I don’t know why people should be thinking otherwise, and how much is even the allowance? Is not commensurate to what other people take around but what we are saying is that, they should boost the morale of those people. In NAMA, at the appropriate time when we ask them to review we will do that”.


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