Alleged sale of Arik Air : a Nigerian is worried

Copied as written.                  Good morning John and all. On Tuesday a friend in Wisconsin told me on phone that he got wind from their office in DC that ARIK was being sold to Ethiopia Airlinne with some Nigerians as d insiders in d deal. I knew a long time since 2016 that d ministry has been having under d table talks with Ethiopia. D war on corruption has accelerated d deal so it can be closed before d illicit transaction is concluded.
My heart bleeds for the country. First OBJ. Liquidated WT.   Created ViginNigeria Nigeria which terminated with Jimoh Ibrahim.  Next he created ARIK which is now ending up with a group of faceless people after ten years with Arumemi Johnson.  How can we go on like this and talk of bn d leader in Africa.   Let’s see what d Unions and the NASS will do about this now.  No one wants to touch ARIK. But d crooks are about to mess us up
Happy holiday.
Dr Olusola.


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