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AIS automation: “I think there has been a mistake from the beginning”…Gusau, As NAMA says project on course


….we need PPE against Covid-19….

MD NAMA capt. Fola Akinkuotu

The Non-automation of the Aeronautical information Services AIS System has been attributed to flaws from the beginning of the signing of the contract.

This is just as personnel of the AIS celebrates the World AIS Day today with theme, “Challenges of COVID -19 on Aeronautical Information Management Operations (AIM OPS)”, call for more personal protective Equipment as they are risk of the coronavirus pandemic.

General Manager, Nigeria Airspace Management Agency, NAMA in charge of AIS Nigeria, Kabir Yahaya Gusau in a chat with reporters in Lagos said, the AIS automation had taken too long and there maybe something not included in the contract that was delaying the project completion.

He said, it was now left for the contractor and NAMA who represents the FG to sit down and look at the contract again to identify areas of  flaws and make amends, adding that if this was not done soon, the AIS automation may never see the light of the day.

“Our system must be automated now with immediate effect, when the system is automated it is will better promote efficiency. I think there has been a mistake from the beginning maybe when we were signing the contract there may have been something that was not included, so there is need for the contractors and the FG to sit down together and look at that contract again so that wherever the mistakes are, we have to rectify it if not I don’t see this thing coming in the near future.”

He however noted that there had been a meeting between the Management of NAMA and 0the vendor to clear any area of misinformation, adding that a Committee was also being constituted in this regard.

“Some countries that started before us have even finished and they are now talking about other things, please the FG should come into this, lets do this thing and forget about it. I don’t think paucity is responsible for the delay because nearly every year the FG put this in the budget I believe there must be a gap somewhere, yes, it is misinformation.

In the meeting we had yesterday, we were able to discover a lot of things, the vendor agreed everything will be done within the shortest period of time and there is another thing they will be expecting from NAMA and we will have a Committee and we are trying to work toward that and I also believe the vendor has some responsibility toward that and this time around we may actually achieve our aim very soon.”

“In the meeting I had with the vendor and the Director Operations I think we are getting a way forward, I think there is a misinformation along the line but the meeting of yesterday, I think we have found a way how we can continue, I believe now we understand where we are going.”

On the stage the automation project was, Guasau said it was difficult to explain the actual stage for now,” to be sincere with you but am calling on the FG to make sure this thing become a reality as soon as possible because this thing is not only AIS, they say AIS but this thing comprise every aspect of aviation so by the time this thing become a reality it is not only AIS that benefits, virtual everywhere including NEMA, so everything is to be put together, it is a big project.”

On the challenges faced due to the Covid-19 in the operations of the AIS/AIM personnel, Guasau said they need more protective equipment for protection against the virus.
He said the Federal government should come to their aid, as their office needed to be well equipped to do their job without fear, adding that if the system was automated, there would not be apprehension as they would not be in contact with anyone in the dissemination of their information.

“There is need for them to equip our offices so that we can protect ourselves, we have to protect ourselves before doing the job, because we don’t even know who is carrying the virus, if there is anybody who is at risk this period it is the AIS personnel, we are calling on the Federal Government to come to our aid.”

Gusau also called on the government,  to also consider making available for the AIS personnel, “the way they are giving priority to the health workers, people are only talking about health workers, AIS officers should also be talked about because we are also like health workers, the health workers have PPE but don’t have anything, so there is need for the Federal Government to come to our aid and this allowance they are giving health workers, we should be given, so am calling on the FG to do that please and please and it is a matter of urgency.”

“And there is also need for them to equip our offices because there is need to protect ourselves fast, we have to protect ourselves before doing the job, it is very important, after protecting ourselves we can
leave the rest to God.”

Reacting, a statement by NAMA Management says, “the AIS Automation contract was signed since 2009 and without prejudice to previous efforts, we would like to state that the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari through the dedicated leadership of the Honourable Minister, Sen. Hadi Sirika has made remarkable interventions targeted at actualizing the AIS Automation project.

These interventions came by way of granting and approval of funding for the project which never happened in the past. The agency on its part has never relented in its bid to actualize this dream. For instance, the installation of VSAT nodes necessary for the transmission of data to remote locations is currently ongoing with 8 important nodes already running.

The joint pilot briefing offices where the AIS Automation will operate from are simultaneously being installed with 8 offices fully completed. 

Just yesterday, another batch of equipment for installation landed at the seaport and is being cleared in Lagos. 

 Following management’s desire to fast-track the automation project, the contractor was recently mandated to air-freight Kano and Kaduna master VSAT equipment for immediate installation instead of shipping. Kano VSAT is already up and running while that of Kaduna has been cleared to NAMA stores for immediate installation.

 Furthermore, the Aeronautical Message Handling System (AMHS) and AIS database have been manufactured and are ready for shipment 

The point must also be made that management has vigorously pursued the training and retraining of different categories of AIS staff preparatory to the takeoff of automation. While several batches of personnel have undergone factory training at different times, other AIS staff have equally been trained at the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, (NCAT) Zaria to ensure they are at par with their colleagues worldwide.


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