Airports: There has been enhanced safety, security and upgrade of facilities….Idu


Chairman, Airport Business Summit, Mr. Fortune Idu says there has been noticeable improvement in airport facility and relative stability in the aviation industry.

Fortune Idu, Chairman Airport Business Summit

He said the 5 years of the present administration, had witnessed rapid infrastructure development, improvement in intermodal connectivity to the airport which is key.

“What I can say of the 5 years of this administration, it has been relatively been stable for the aviation industry and especially my area on interest which is the airport, we were experiencing growth of passenger traffic until the COVID.”

According to Mr. Idu, the opening of new terminals in Abuja, Port Harcourt and soon to be opened in Lagos were milestones of the present administration.

He added that the “rehabilitation of the runway, Abuja and now Enugu and an enhanced security and safety of the airports with no major incident; these are notable areas of improvement that brings stability to the industry.”

Idu however noted that more  imprint that would show investment pathways
options to increase the viability of the nation’s airports was the optimization of cargo movement by air.

“This administration must put in place plans to optimize cargo movement by air having successfully improve agro productivity nationwide, air must be used to optimize logistics efficiency of food and agro distribution chain nationwide and even internationally.”


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