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AirPeace commences Dubai/Sharjah in November, interlines/codeshare with UAE airlines

Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Air Peace, Mr. Allen Onyema flanked by the Chief of Administration and Finance, Mrs. Ejiro Eghagha (right) and the Technical Director, Engineering, Mr. Brian Rigby during a chat with editors on the state of the carrier and its plan for the future in Lagos on Friday

……urges Nigerian government to assist its airlines by play Aeropolitics to achieve success

AirPeace airline is to commence Dubai and Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, UAE before the end of November this year as it first international routes, this is just as the airline recently signed a business deal to purchase from the US aircraft manufacturer, Boeing for 10 brand new B737 MAX aircraft.

The airline has been designated on long-haul flight toLondon, Houston, Mumbai, Dubai, Sharjah, Guangzhou-China and Johannesburg.
The airline is expected to fly directly from Lagos-Paris, Lagos-Frankfurt, Lagos-Amsterdam , Milan, Abuja-Jeddah, Kano-Dubai, Enugu-London.

At a news conference in Lagos, Chairman/CEO, AirPeace, Barr. Allen Onyema said they are ready to compete with international carriers and make Nigeria proud by giving Nigerians what they yearn for, an airline they can call their own with the best of services and pocket friendly airfares.

He said,”Dubai is to be operated 2times a week while Sharjah will be operated 5 times, Sharjah and Dubai are in the same place, its is just one minute, the Sharjah people are giving us warm reception, so we know where we are wanted”.

The AirPeace boss promised to be consistent on the route, assuring that AirPeace will not fall by the wayside like other airlines that have entered the route but did not survive though might not be a fault of theirs.

Onyema emphasized that the airline is ready to fill the gap that government is worried about that has not been filled, that is the reason why the airline has acquired enough aircraft to bridge this gaps.

” we want to fill those gaps being occupied by international carriers coming to Nigeria, we want to represent this country proudly, Nigerians will be proud like Americans is proud indigenous airlines out of American are flying the flag of America outside America proudly, Delta, United and some others”.

“We don’t want to be a one aircraft international operator, when the aircraft goes down, you start disappointing people, that is why we went for 4 state-of-art triple 7 to use, again, AirPeace don’t want to do point to point international operations that is why AirPeace is trying to make the country proud”.

He explained that a formidable airline out of the Mideast is interlining and code sharing with AirPeace and currently integrating their system with them.

“When AirPeace drops you at the destination, they will pick you. When we drop you in Dubai or Sharjah, another airline picks you there maybe you are going to Malaysia, they are going to about 36 cities in India, so people will buy AirPeace ticket if you are going to Malaysia, India, some other Gulf States, Indonesia and others, you buy AirPeace ticket, check-in your luggage, you get your luggage in Singapore, we take you there, we have signed an interlining and codeshare”.

Onyema said same is also applicable in the other international routes, they fly into, adding that the airline is IOSA certified and IATA registered, meeting international standards and best practices in its operations.

“AirPeace retained its IOSA certification, so the world knows this airline is very serious and they are ready to cooperate with us, so we need all the support to make Nigeria proud, the partnership is there, it’s not just AirPeace flying there, this is why we are taking our time to it, so when we hit ground running from November this year, this country will celebrate”.

The AirPeace boss noted that for AirPeace and other Nigerian carriers to succeed on the international routes, government must be willing and ready to support them and play Aeropolitics, he added that Nigerian government must borrow a leaf from American Airlines who were rescued by their government when the Gulf carriers were giving them a hard time in the business.

He said,”they are getting the support of their government to do Aeropolitics, the gulf carriers of Holman, Qatar, Dubai and others, they were ravaging America and the airlines cried out, they reminded the government of America that they provide the jobs while all these carriers that are being subsidized are coming here to compete with us, its unfair, the next thing, America took over and hit those gulf carriers and reduce their frequencies”.

Barr. Allen Onyema also noted that, it is equally important that government consider reducing frequencies given to international airlines to save Nigeria carriers from being pushed out of the business.

“In Nigeria, we are giving Ethiopia 5 cities to fly into, what stops Nigeria from telling Ethiopia fly only into two destination, if you want to go to Kano, AZMAN and MAX Air are there that is how to promote these indigenous airlines, if you want to come to Lagos, AirPeace, Arik, Medview, we are all there, no country allows it flanks open”.


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