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AirPeace aircraft safe to fly, NCAA assures flying public


The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA says all operational aircraft in the fleet of Airpeace Limited are airworthy.

The Authority in a statement says, after the recent Incident and accident involving the Airline, it embarked on a thorough technical audit of the airline and its fleet of aircraft with a view to ensuring the airline was in compliance with extant Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulations (Nig.CARs), and to mitigate the reccurrence of the incident.

The technical audit according to the NCAA, was not limited to the recent incident, all operational aircraft, technical and safety performance in the last twelve months were also scrutinised.

After the completion of the audit, the NCAA declared there was no cause for alarm as all aircraft in the Airline’s fleet were safe for flight Operations.

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The statement says this is to assure the flying public that all the aircraft on the fleet of NCAA authorised Air Operators Certificate (AOC) holders operating in Nigeria are airworthy, adding that the Authority willhall continue to ensure only airworthy aircraft are permitted to operate.

The NCAA emphasized that the Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) was currently carrying out an indepth investigation into the incident to determine the immediate and remote causes responsible for this particular incident as required by International Standards stipulated in International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Annex 13. The Authority awaits the conclusion and report of the AIB.


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