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Airline operators, passengers lament disruptions in flights as Buhari visits Lagos


Domestic airline operators say the disruptions in their flights out of Lagos this morning due to President Buhari’s two- day working visit to Lagos has put their customers under a lot of pressure.
They said, they had to start sending messages via the social media and calling up passengers to inform them of the situation to avoid them coming to the terminals to wait endlessly not knowing when the traffic situation on the roads would ease.

Spokesman for Dana air Mr. Kingsley Ezemwa said “We have been putting out information on social media and sending messages to our passengers also reassuring them that we are going to accommodate them on our multiple flights out of Lagos to other destinations. We actually have up to 5 flights out of Lagos to Abuja and we have also been chatting with them so that passengers get updates on the situation”.

Mr. Chris Iwarah of AirPeace they sympathize with air travellers some who had to trek long distance to get to to the airport terminal while others were stranded at various bus stops without vehicles to board.
“We would have been quite insensitive if we didn’t empathize with our guests and take steps to ameliorate their difficulties. The situation however caused huge,huge,huge disruptions across our network, off course you know Lagos is our hub so you can only imagine how far the disruptions went to disrupt our flights for the day, we deeply regret the challenge for the day”.
As at the time of filling this reports, the situation in Lagos also affected airports across the country, as many passengers where waiting for the aircraft that will take them out.

According to reports, Many airline passengers had to pay more on transport to get to a point where they were dropped off and trek into the airport as security agents blocked some parts of the roads leading into the airport.

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria in a statement yesterday informed passengers, airport users and the general public that the President and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces, Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, will visit Lagos State for two-days.
The Authority stated that commercial vehicles will only operate from 7am-7pm around the Murtala Muhammed Airport  Wednesday 28, 2018 to allow smooth movement around the airport during the visit.


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