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Air Peace Revolutionizes Travel: Introducing Affordable Student Fares on Inaugural London Route

Air Peace aircraft

Chairman, Air Peace, Barr. Allen Onyema says, the airline is set to introduce special student fares on its upcoming London route.

Speaking at the airline’s travel agents forum in Lagos, Onyema emphasized the affordability of these fares for students traveling to study. 

He urged travel agents to manage the special rates to prevent misuse while making it convenient for students to travel during holidays and school resumption periods.

Onyema addressed the challenges faced by parents separated from their children due to high travel costs, assuring that Air Peace’s student fares would alleviate this burden. 

Emphasizing his commitment to connecting families, he shared his personal experience of ensuring his children returned to Nigeria during school breaks.

The chairman expressed the motivation behind the London route as a way to provide Nigerians with better travel options and eliminate high fares. 

Onyema clarified that the initiative aimed at job creation and fulfilling the desires of Nigerians rather than political interests.

While the specific fares were not disclosed, the Air Peace boss assured that Air Peace’s London route would offer more affordable options compared to legacy airlines. 

The move comes at a time when airfares, affected by foreign exchange rate challenges, have seen a significant increase in the past two years.

Mr. Bankole Bernard, chairman of Airlines and Passengers’ Joint Committee, praised the entry of Air Peace into the London market as a welcome development. 

He highlighted the potential for a more balanced trade and the absence of foreign exchange challenges since Air Peace’s fares would be in naira.

Oluwatoyin Olajide, Chief Operating Officer of Air Peace, highlighted the significance of the London route, marking the airline’s historic entry into the European continent. 

She emphasized the use of modern aircraft and the benefits of direct flights, without stopovers, offering unbeatable fares. 

Olajide also hinted at special promo fares and attractive plans for agents as part of the airline’s operational expansion.


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