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Air Peace Denies Allegations of Extortion Amidst Yuletide Season, Calls for Objective Examination of Facts

Air Peace Aircraft

Air Peace has vehemently denied allegations of extortion targeting Easterners during the yuletide season.

Emphasizing its commitment to peace and unity among Nigeria’s diverse ethnic groups in a recent statement, the airline addresses what it deems as misrepresentation and unfounded accusations circulating on social media.

Several posts on social platforms allege Air Peace is charging exorbitant fares to Easterners, suggesting favoritism toward Northerners.

The airline counters these claims, pointing out flawed comparisons of ticket prices with other carriers and clarifying the automated fare system.

Explaining that higher fares correlate with increased demand on specific routes, particularly during the festive season, Air Peace stresses the unique configuration of its fare system.

The airline refutes any notion of discrimination against the South East, asserting that accusations of profiteering are baseless.

Air Peace emphasizes that the circulating information is misleading and likely intended to spark unhealthy ethnic discussions. It points out that, despite efforts to accommodate increased passenger traffic to the Eastern region, accusations against the airline are unfounded, especially considering that its fares remain competitive.

The airline challenges the accusers to examine the facts objectively, highlighting its history of responsible and fair business practices.

It urges the public to dismiss these social media posts as baseless attempts to tarnish the Air Peace brand and the reputation of its Chairman, Dr. Allen Onyema.


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