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Air Peace Asserts Innocence Amidst Visa Controversy


..177 Passengers Denied Entry to Jeddah, COO Emphasizes Adherence to Protocols

Air Peace airline asserts that the cancellation of visas for 177 out of 264 passengers traveling to Jeddah on November 12, 2023, was not the airline’s fault.

Chief Operating Officer Air Peace, Toyin Olajide emphasizes that Air Peace, as an experienced international flight operator, adheres to established protocols and is not responsible for any infractions.

Olajide clarifies that the flight was scheduled, not chartered or special, allowing the airline to transport passengers with various visa types approved by Saudi Arabian authorities. All visas were verified through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi Arabia’s platform, confirming their validity before departure.

The Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS) was utilized to transmit passenger details to Saudi Authorities, with no notice of cancellation or denial received.

The passenger manifest was sent in advance, yet no visa cancellations were reported.

Expressing shock at the post-arrival visa cancellations in Jeddah, Air Peace followed Saudi Arabian profiling procedures. Despite cooperating with authorities to resolve the issue, the Saudi Arabian authorities have not provided explanations for the sudden visa cancellations.

The airline empathizes with affected passengers and remains committed to unraveling the circumstances surrounding the cancellations.


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