AIB accident reports are key to preventing future recurrence…Olateru


Bureau releases 3 accident reports, 2 bulletin….

The Commissioner Accident Investigation Bureau Nigeria, AIB-N, Akin Olateru has called on stakeholders to avail themselves of the Bureau’s reports, draw useful lessons from them and implement the safety recommendations where applicable. 

Olateru who made the call at the release of three final accident reports and two safety bulletins today in Abuja noted that, failure to do these would amount to waste of all the time and resources invested into the investigation of serious incidents and accidents by AIB-N.

“Safety in the aviation sector is a collective exercise and therefore requires that stakeholders including agencies, operators and relevant professionals accept responsibilities and play their parts creditably. This is the way to go if we must sustain the current impressive level.”

He stressed that the purpose of accident investigation was not to apportion blame or liability but to prevent future recurrence of similar incidents.

The AIB boss also harped on the importance of Safety recommendations describing it as critical to the Bureau’s basic role of accident prevention since it is the lever used to bring about safety changes to, and improvements in the nations aviation system. 
“It is therefore expected that the stakeholders would take the AIB-N safety recommendations very seriously and complement AIB-N’s efforts by implementing the recommendations, where applicable, to prevent future recurrence of similar events. 
I would also like to implore all domestic airline operators and professionals in the industry especially to always take time to read AIB-N reports with a view to drawing lessons that can improve aviation safety in their individual operations. This is regardless of whether they were involved in the occurrences investigated or not.”

The final reports and safety bulletins released today  Include serious incidents involving a Gulfstream G-IV aircraft owned and operated by Skybird Air Ltd which occurred at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja on 12th September, 2018; a Boeing 747-200 aircraft owned and operated by Kabo Air Ltd which occurred at Sultan Abubakar Airport, Sokoto (DNSO), Sokoto State on 4th October, 2013 and a B737-500 aircraft owned and operated by Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria Ltd , which occurred on Runway 18R, Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos on 9th April, 2016.

Others are safety bulletins on the Incident involving 2 Tampico Club’s TB-9 aircraft owned and operated by Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) which occurred at Zaria Aerodrome, Kaduna State on 10th December, 2013 and at Zaria Aerodrome, Kaduna State on 18th June, 2014; 

 The AIB Commissioner stated that so far a total of 59 final reports have been released since its establishment in 2007 while a total of 40 final reports out of these were under the current administration of the Bureau.

While a total of 211 Safety Recommendations released since the inception of AIB and a total of 127 Safety Recommendations released under the current administration.

“It would be important to note that all Safety Bulletins released by the Bureau so far were released under my administration at AIB-N.”