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AFSMCS Sweeps Three Top Honors at 5th National Cooperative Awards


President, AFSMCS, Alhaji Saheed Sadiq (2nd from left) holding his award and certificate presented by the organizers

…. as Sadiq is Named Cooperative Man of the Year

The Airport Fire and Safety Multipurpose Cooperative Society (AFSMCS) has achieved a remarkable feat by securing three prestigious awards at the 5th National Cooperative Awards, hosted by the Cooperative Rating and Awards Society of Nigeria (CRASoN) at the NECA event centre in Alausa, Ikeja Lagos.

AFSMCS emerged as the overall winner by securing the highest votes in three distinct categories.

These categories included the Cooperative Man of the Year, an honor bestowed upon the society’s president, Alhaji Saheed Anako Sadiq.

Additionally, AFSMCS triumphed in the Most Outstanding Cooperative Management Committee of the Year and the Most Supportive Cooperative Society of the Year.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Alhaji Sadiq was inaugurated as a Patron and board member of CRASoN.

Expressing gratitude for the awards, he acknowledged the unwavering support of all members and attributed the success to the Almighty God and the cooperative’s members.

Alhaji Sadiq emphasized the awards as motivation for continued excellence, stating, “Every reward for excellence is a motivation to achieve more.”

He affirmed the society’s commitment to safeguarding members’ interests, adding value, and pursuing further investments for the benefit of the cooperative.

Highlighting the significance of the three awards, Alhaji Sadiq underscored the importance of recognizing and rewarding exceptional performance.

He reiterated the cooperative’s dedication to poverty alleviation, corporate social responsibility, and the overall betterment of its members.

The president emphasized that the collective achievements positively promoted the corporate image of AFSMCS.

Notably, the collaboration of executives and members played a pivotal role in attaining this success, fostering positive relationships with agencies such as FAAN, NCAA, NSIB, NUATE, ATSSSAN, and ANAP, thereby enhancing their corporate images.


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