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Adede: Aviation Industry needs urgent attention, urges AON to unite, benefit from BASA with FG support


Senator Musa Adede, CEO, Kings Air

Chief Executive Officer, CEO, Kings Air, Senator Musa Adede says, the Aviation industry is a quagmire and the Federal Government must take urgent steps to address the challenges bedeviling it.

Senator Adede speaking at the Aviation Roundtable Safety Initiative, ASRTI, 2nd Quarterly Brunch Breakfast Meeting, BBM in Lagos described the industry as moving from bad to worse, adding that, the last two ministers of Aviation performed woefully to provide a comprehensive roadmap.

He therefore called for a total overhaul of the sector to ensure its survival, growth and development.

Senator Adede who was a one time member of the Aviation committee and chairman of the event said, Aviation plays a critical role in the economic development and connectivity of Nigeria and that as the new administration takes charge, it is essential to embark on an Aviation reset or what he called Total Overhaul of the sector.

He emphasized that a comprehensive agenda that revitalizes and transform the sector to meet the evolving needs and challenges of the modern era is needed especially post COVID.

“The roadmap has been riddled with litigations, union agitations, apathy from investors and above all wrong direction from various ministers of Aviation. I have been in the senate since 1999 I can talk you the last two ministers of Aviation have failed woefully”.

Senator Adede stressed that, what is currently needed is a complete x-ray of the industry in its entirety and all operators must reexamine and do a thorough in-housing of themselves because Aviation is a difficult business to manage.

According to him, the 2022 ART BBM is apt as it seeks to provide a comprehensive roadmap so that Nigeria can rejuvenate the Aviation sector and and makes its contribute to GDP.

He noted that, focusing on infrastructure development, safety enhancement, the airline industry, support, human capital development, sustainable and stakeholders engagement, Nigeria can convenient serve as a giant in the global Aviation landscape driving economic growth, connectivity and prosperity for its people and for the continent.

Senator Adede lamented the lack of unity among operators, scheduled, private, charter, helicopter operators saying, there is no synergy but working across purposes and fighting each other for nothing.

He said, “The fighting has to stop if we must move forward and reposition Aviation sector”.

The Kings Air Chairman also frown at the lackadaisical attitude of the ministry and its parastatals towards pushing the sector forward.

On Nigeria airlines flying international routes, Senator Adede said, operators cannot approach the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss BASA but what the industry hope that this new dispensation can do is to forget the setting up of a national carrier and what the industry desire are flag carriers.

“Support your own so that they can match hand in hand with the foreign ones, give them the enabling environment so that they participate.What we are looking for is Flag carriers, support your own, why do you have foreign airlines fly into Nigeria and you cannot find ground nut onboard, they give you peanuts, you cannot find one Nigeria cabin crew on board, why is our own different because our ministers have sold out. I have been in the BASA agreement and the minster sell us out, they do. Yet those of us who fly and connect these foreign airlines to other parts of world if you are going to China for example you see a Chinese cabin attendant on board and serve you Succhi onboard why is our own different, it is because our ministers have sold out nothing to do with airlines”.

“We must come together”.

He commended members of the ART for their zeal and drive in standing up for the industry for its sustainability.

“They played a critical role in the last 30 years, they have been the first spokespersons and group for the Aviation industry rather than aviator themselves”.


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