A Celebration for a Tourism Icon: Mr. Ikechi Uko’s 60th Birthday Bash


On February 13th, 2024, the National Museum Onikan in Lagos became the scene of a momentous event: a surprise birthday celebration for Mr. Ikechi Uko, a towering figure in Nigeria and Africa’s tourism industry. 

This wasn’t just any party; it was a testament to Uko’s immense contributions and a heartfelt thank you from industry stakeholders for his tireless efforts.

Friends of Ikechi, a group comprising players across the travel, tourism, and cultural spectrum, had come together to honor Uko in a truly unforgettable way. 

They not only threw a magnificent birthday bash, but also renovated, upgraded, and beautified the National Museum in his name. This act of generosity wasn’t just a decoration, it was a symbol: a permanent mark etching Uko’s name onto Nigeria’s historical canvas.

The event was a constellation of tributes and accolades. Otunba Olusegun Runsewe, former Director-General of NCAC, lauded Uko’s impact on not just Nigerian but African tourism. Allen St. Ange, former Seychelles Minister of Tourism, praised Uko’s rare breed and wished him continued success for Africa. Ime Udoh, President of NATOP, thanked Uko for his unwavering support of tour operators and young entrepreneurs. The sentiment echoed throughout the room, with every speaker highlighting Uko’s positive influence.

But the most profound moments came from those whose lives Uko had directly touched. 

Adeola Adebo, a folklorist and dancer, tearfully acknowledged Uko’s instrumental role in her career, crediting him with launching her at Akwaaba Travel Market 20 years ago. The emotion was palpable, a testament to the personal connections Uko had forged over his illustrious career.

Uko, visibly moved by the outpouring of affection, expressed his gratitude and surprise. He saw the museum renovation not as an ending, but as a starting point. 

He acknowledged the need for government support to truly propel Nigerian tourism to its full potential and vowed to continue doing his part, breaking new ground and pushing for further growth.

The celebration wasn’t just a party; it was a culmination. It was a recognition of a life dedicated to promoting travel, tourism, and cultural exchange. It was a moment where industry colleagues, friends, and beneficiaries came together to say, “Thank you, Ikechi Uko, for everything you’ve done and everything you inspire us to do.”

And indeed, the legacy of this iconic figure stretches far beyond the walls of the National Museum. The Jollof Rice War and the Naija 7 Wonders projects stand as testaments to Uko’s creativity and commitment to showcasing the best of Africa. 

These initiatives, along with countless others, leave an indelible mark on the continent’s tourism landscape, reminding us of the impact one passionate individual can have.

On that February day, amidst the laughter, music, and heartfelt speeches, one thing was crystal clear: Mr. Ikechi Uko’s contributions to the world of travel and tourism are not just significant, they are truly unforgettable.


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