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60% of staff affected by our rationalization have been paid….Medview boss

Pix Alhaji Muneer Bankole, MD/CEO, Med-View Airline (left) with Mr Michael Ajigbotoso, Chief Operating Officer, showing pictures of Med-View Airline Aircrafts undergoing Maintainance Repair and Overhaul ( MRO) and Reconfiguration outside the country. during a media Chat in Lagos on friday. Photo lamidi Bamidele

Managing Director, Medview airline, Alhaji Muneer Bankole says 60% of its staff has received their salaries for the month of February as against rumour making the rounds that staff are yet to be paid.

These staff are those affected by the ongoing staff rationalization taking place in the airline, as the airline is overhauling its operations toward realigning it for greater performance.

Explaining the true position of the situation, Bankole said the staff rationalization was inclusive of all cadre, pilots, captains, engineers and even the ground staff, adding that 52 of them have been laid off so far and still ongoing.

“In January, we are not owing anybody, February we have paid 60% of our colleagues including some of our pilots but those we laid off 52 and we are still doing it”.

He observed those that were yet to be paid might be those who have issues to settle with the Human Resource department, adding that they have certain process and procedure they must meet to get their entitlements.

“We have to rationalize their payment because they must submit and meet the process and procedure of disengagement, because when they give you letter, you go to human resources, you return your ID card, it involves some processes and they check your books if you are not on loans or anything, they work out your papers and pay you your final entitlement, it’s not our intention but this economy situation to layoff family members but we accommodated a lot, so that’s the true position. If we give letter in February, we give you notice of one month, it affected all cadre, we didn’t limit it to only low level, captains, engineers were affected, ground and other staff and those who have cases maybe indicted for one thing or the other during disciplinary committee who had little fraud here and there were equally affected”.

Bankole said though the airline does not derive joy in laying off staff at this critical time in the economy.
According to him, staff of the airline had been intimated earlier in the year the intention of Management,” When we came in January we announced to some staff that we have to carry out this exercise and we normally do One On One with the CEO its a yearly event wherever you are.

Apparently justifying the rational for the exercise, Alhaji Bankole said,” we have 395 employees, we have 18 stations, international stations 3, we Jeddah, Duabi and London, we staff, accommodation and offices, vehicles, we run regional operations 6 and we have Nigeria operations 8 or 9 or 10 and we put human beings everywhere, if you go to Owerri, Enugu, Port Harcourt, we may not be flying there, we have Medview presence there, the regional operations is still there, human beings are there, we only call them home to do training and retraining”.


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