The Comfy Shades of RadissonBlu Anchorage

creative variances wrapped in beautiful colours in the rooms in RadissonBlu Anchorage hotel, Lagos

The beauty of life is the different shades it presents. Particularly, the beautiful moments where the shades are in different colours, sizes, patterns and all the differentiations, the moments certainly become more cherished with all the differences.

RadissonBlu Anchorage Hotel Lagos recognizes the importance of presenting guests with creative variances wrapped in beautiful colours, patterns and all other shades that will make a visitor feel at home in the sprawling waterfront hotel.

In one of RadissonBlu Anchorage Hotel Lagos many beautiful presentations are the guest rooms renovation that have seen the hotel mix charming natural black and white colours to create unique welcoming, pleasing and relaxing pattern decorations all geared toward guests’ comfort.

From the king and queen-sized beds to the floor carpeting, from the patterned walls to the work-desk, rooms at the RadissonBlu Anchorage Lagos Hotel have been redesigned to meet the evolving needs of guests across different culture and background spectrum.

24 hours round the clock, guests can walk into RadissonBlu Anchorage Hotel Lagos and be assured of excellent service delivered by professionally trained staff in all section of the hotel complemented by an atmosphere that is welcoming and always ready to satisfy the needs of the guests at all times.


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