ABSE 2019: Leverage Agro air logistics to grow aviation business….ojuri

Aviation consultant, Tayo Ojuri speaking at the ABSE 2019 in Lagos

An aviation consultant, Mr. Tayo Ojuri has advocated the development of a comprehensive Agro air logistics policy to encourage investors in the Agro logistics business.

Mr. Ojuri in a paper presentation at the Airport Business Summit and Expo Africa, ABSE in Lagos with the Theme: ‘Airport Economies: Consolidation of Air Transport Services’ said the opportunities that abounded in the agro air business logistics was not being harnessed by stakeholders in the industry.

He observed that cargo Airports must be properly developed with the requisite infrastructure to attract investors and most especially the farmers in the agro commodities to grow the industry.

According to him, awareness creation was important for prospective investors especially the farmers to know the benefits derivable from the business.

Ojuri stated that “Agro based commodities from urban areas where their full utility can be realized is important because of the peculiarities of agro commodities that are sometimes bulky or perishable”.

“Agro based commodities serve as the base of the Nigerian economy”, he added.

In his opening remarks, the chairman, Organizing Committee of the Summit, Mr. Fortune Idu said, currently the African continent have 731 Airports and 419 airlines with the aviation sector supporting around 7 million jobs and generating $80 billion in economy activities.

He said to do more; the airport Economies of the Summit region must be steered towards the right direction to catalyze the growth of the industry.

“Be accountable and provide incentives to support airline growth. The consolidation of air Transport services is to build a strong base for the industry and since the airport has all the options, both on aeronautical and vast non-aeronautical revenue, the consolidation will begin in its domain”.

Idu noted that the projected passenger traffic growth can translate into prosperity if the hindering factors such as air Transport infrastructure deficit and travel restrictions amongst others were addressed.

“The envisaged increase in Africa is here with consistent increase of passenger traffic growth rates of 6.3% 2016-2017 and 9.9% 2017-2018. It is projected that this growth in passenger traffic will continue through 2035 on average of 4.3% annually. More people will travel in and out of Africa and inter-regional traffic will improve significantly”.

According to him, the proposed Single African Air Transport Market SAATM and the Unified African Passport were good initiatives to start solving the problems.

“Currently, the continent has 371 airports and 419 airlines with the aviation sector supporting around 7 million jobs and generating $80 billion in economic activities”.

The ABSE brought together, delegates from industries that direct and indirect dealings with the airports, namely; airlines, retail, security, safety, technologists, the media, banks, taxi companies, hotels, tourist attraction companies among others.

The main focus is to help airports and the cities market their profiles and make them attractive for airlines and investors by showcasing a one-stop information portal for; passenger projections, facilities, infrastructure, potentials and essential amenities of the region that attract travel and investment.


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