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2018 Hajj: Med-View Airlifts 320 pilgrims today, Lagos State commends Airline for consistency

On a yearly basis Med-View Airlines airlift Muslim pilgrims to Saudi Arabia to perform their spiritual rites.
This year is not different as the Airline, this morning airlifted 320 pilgrims from Lagos state from the hajj and cargo terminal of the Murtala Muhammed International airport Lagos.
This first batch of pilgrims took off at 7.35 on the airline’s latest aircraft, a Boeing 777-200 after the normal formalities of documents checks by the concerned authorities namely, the Immigration and the Nigeria Hajj Commission of Nigeria, NAHCON officials.
The Lagos State Commissioner, Home Affairs and Amiru Hajj 2018, Dr. Abdulhakeem Abdulateef commended Med-View Airline for it consistence over the years in the business, adding that since the state government started patronising the airline, it has been success all the way for the state in its hajj journey to the Holy Land.
“The NAHCON gave Lagos state the first position in 2016 and 2017, so we are going as defending champions expecting that we would come back as the most outstanding state in hajj operations”
The Commissioner noted that the usual 45 days spent in the Holy Land by the Pilgrims will be reduced to less than a month because the spiritual rites is just 2 weeks.
“Lagos is going with 2001 pilgrims, we have strategise to reduce the number of days pilgrims spend in Mecca, they spend about 45 days for an exercise that is just about 2 weeks, with the strategies we have put in place, we are expecting to spend less than a month”.
Business Development Manager, Med-View Airlines, Alhaji Isiaq Na’Allah said the airline will be airlifting 10,000 pilgrims from the country this year from Lagos, Maiduguri, Kaduna and Ilorin out of the 95,000 total of pilgrims allotted to Nigeria.
He added that the airline will also be airlifting pilgrims from some African countries namely, Guinea Bissau and Niger Republic.
Na’Allah their consistency over the last 10 years they ventured into the business has been, “our major course of consistence has been on our ability to provide the desired service for the passengers, we are able to give them the comfort when they are going and when they are coming back and while they are there as well, we do as much as possible to ensure they enjoy their stay”
“We give praise to the Almighty Allah for making it possible for  us to start our operations this year, this is the first flight we are doing this year and we are hoping to airlift 10,000 pilgrims to Saudi Arabia”.
Speaking on the challenges of airlift, Na’Allah said, “obviously, if you look at the number of passengers you need to carry within a short period, definitely, it’s going to be a challenge for you, so you need a very high capacity aircraft to do this kind of operation, this why we have gone to bring this aircraft, it’s a triple 7, it’s a modern aircraft with a lot of facility that you don’t enjoy in the local flight, so this aircraft carries a maximum of 323 passengers”.
“Right now the Lagos that are going, we have 320, from Lagos state we have about 2000 passengers and we are going to do about 7 flights for them”.


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